Nutrition & Health


We work with the B&G Gastronomie catering service to provide our students with freshly cooked balanced meals from Monday to Friday. A standard menu includes the choice between two main dishes, a well-stocked salad bar, soup and bread, and fruit or yoghurt. Click here for a glance at this weekly’s menu.
Standard, vegetarian, no pork and gluten-free options are available, but such preferences should be specified upon enrolment. Meal choices are generally extended from term to term and year to year, unless notice is given before the end of one term for the next.

Students may sign up for school meals at an extra cost, which takes into account occasional absences, ski days, school outings etc. when the service will not be used. Students who avail of the meal service are provided with a picnic if away on a school trip over lunchtime.


Students who decide to bring in their own lunch should do so in labelled, sturdy and well-sealed containers. Microwaves, cutlery and water are available for all students in the dining room, if necessary.


We urge all parents to inform us of any special requirements or needs their child might have due to a medical condition to help us ensure his/her welfare at the school. New parents are required to fill in a Health Form that is kept at reception, but any subsequent changes should be communicated to the school as soon as possible. All pertinent information (e.g. allergies) will be transmitted to the class teachers and other adults in charge of our students’ welfare.

If your child requires regular short- or long-term medication, you should hand in the medecine and medecine instructions to the school reception for administration by the nurse.

Emergency Care

Our school secretaries deal with minor injuries and ailments that occur during the school day, and our school nurse is on duty over lunch.

Parents will be contacted if deemed necessary and may be asked to come and collect their children. In case of an emergency, a child may be taken directly to the nearest hospital, and the parents informed immediately.