swiss bilingual cycle

ABOUT THESwiss Bilingual Cycle

As a local international school, we know that some students will eventually leave us to pursue a Swiss Cantonal Maturité. We thus run our own Swiss Bilingual Cycle in parallel to the Middle Years Programme (MYP) so that students may benefit from our bilingual programme and the holistic nature of the Middle Years Programme before they leave to sit the cantonal entrance exams for a bilingual Swiss Cantonal Maturité programme.

  • Student aged 11-14 who wish to keep their options open to pursue either an IB Diploma or a bilingual Swiss Cantonal Maturité
  • Preparation to sit the cantonal entrance exams for the Swiss Cantonal Maturité / bilingual Cantonal Maturité programme in a Swiss public school
  • Extended German, Maths and French courses with an Italian or Maths/Physics option
  • A bilingual teaching approach with additional MYP subjects studied in either English or French to obtain an excellent level of English by the end of MYP4
  • An Approaches to Learning component to develop communication skills, social skills, research skills, self-management skills and thinking skills

  • High level of proficiency in English, excellent 21st century life skills and digital proficiency
  • Solid exam preparation for cantonal exams and the bilingual French/English Cantonal Maturité programme
  • Choice between the Swiss Cantonal Maturité or IB Diploma programmes

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