From corridor displays and exhibitions to break time concerts and school shows, our students’ creative talents are celebrated on a daily basis across all our campuses. Have a read for yourselves to see what our students can do.


At Haut-Lac, the creative process is more important than the end product. Students learn to analyse the work of other artists and use their conclusions to develop their own ideas by experimenting with different artistic techniques. The journey undertaken by our students to create their final piece teaches them not to be afraid to make mistakes, but to learn from them.

Similarly to life, the art journey enables students learn and grow through courageously taking risks, exploring, experimenting and reflecting. Children from as young as three all the way through to DP follow this principle, developing an appreciation of art and an understanding of themselves.

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The journey ends in DP2 with the creation of an exhibition that presents and communicates who the students are to their audience. In this way, art encourages them to look inward and think about who they are and what they want to say to the world.


Music making at Haut-Lac is just as creative and inclusive as it is rigorous and immersive. We value its role in enriching learning and deepening cultural awareness. Students have the opportunity to become skilled performers, composers and critics of music, and to explore its purpose in communities of the past, present and future. Projects culminate in unique pieces, performances, and authentic experiences.
Students make music in class time, but often the most valuable experiences are extra-curricular through student-formed bands and choirs, as well as private lessons. Students frequently perform at school events and other venues such as Vevey Theatre, inter-school Battles of the Bands, and world music workshops. Music making is often ‘in the moment’, but we have managed to capture and document some of our students’ learning experiences on our Vimeo and Soundcloud pages for you.


Our Performing Arts course encourages autonomous learning and exploration as students develop their ability to perform as well as their creative, reflective and communication skills through practical work. We emphasize the importance of the artistic process and the students’ understanding of this process as an essential component to their artistic development by investigating, planning, goal setting, rehearsing, performing, reflecting and evaluating.
No talents are left out at Haut-Lac. Our talented musicians get to perform to an audience during assemblies and at break times, as well as during more formal charity events such as Haut-Chella, our annual talent show and our summer concert. Our choirs are often asked to perform at school events such as the Christmas market and our graduation ceremonies. Our student bands compete against students from other schools in regional Battles of the Bands. Our drama students present their creations to their Haut-Lac peers on a regular basis, and even our dance students get to strut their stuff on specific occasions such as the Haut Lac Olympics or our DP2 Tribute Video.
Whilst all our students are encouraged to take part in the artistic disciplines, Performing Arts is most celebrated when acting, dancing, singing and playing come together in original ways for our Secondary section show in Vevey Theatre, and Primary section shows at school in December.