ABOUTOur Infant Section

Located on the lower ground floor of our Praz-Dagoud campus, our Infant bilingual and English section classes bring together children from 3 to 6 years old from different cultural backgrounds, skills and school experiences. Each and every one is individually guided through our stimulating and holistic theme-based Learning Means the World programme by our professional and caring educators and support staff.

ABOUTOur Personalised Programme

Our personalised curriculum is based on four concepts: culture, conflict, communication and conservation. Through creative, innovative and thought-provoking themes, such as No Place Like Home, Light up the World and Over the Rainbow, children develop their skills and knowledge and learn to apply them to the real world. Children learn through doing, so our students are encouraged to ‘have a go’, make mistakes, practise, share, persevere, consolidate and apply what they have learned to build resilience and a real sense of achievement.


At its core, our curriculum enables children to develop transferable, lifelong learning skills rather than solely accumulate facts and figures. In line with the IB (International Baccalaureate) philosophy and that of the school, it encourages children to become active, curious, passionate and independent learners. Children learn how to work together, communicate effectively, recognise and respect similarities and differences, and appreciate nature and the world around them.

ABOUTOur Bilingual Programme

Our bilingual programme is taught in French and English on alternate days by experienced native speakers. Students work three days in English and two days in French every week for half a term before switching to three days in French and two days in English for the second half to ensure they get equal access to all areas of the curriculum in both of the school’s working languages.


A predominantly English programme is also available to students who speak neither English nor French when they arrive or whose stay with us is too short to really benefit from a bilingual programme. Students who enrol on this pathway will, however, still have one French lesson a day and participate in extra-curricular activities, trips and shows with their bilingual year group peers.
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