Emotional Well-Being

Student well-being is at the heart of Haut-Lac International Bilingual School’s educational approach. We work together with our staff and parents to celebrate diversity and support our students’ development by promoting their social, emotional, academic and multicultural competencies in a safe and stimulating school environment.


At Haut-Lac, we believe that identifying concerns early is the key to having a healthy school cohort. Our Early Intervention Team thus provides a welcoming, safe and supportive space where students feel they can go to raise any concerns they have no matter how big or small they are.
sean usher headshot

Individual needs

Sean Usher

gregory wilson headshot

DP Coordinator & Lead Tutor

Gregory Wilson

Fribourg House Leader

Secondary Physics and Integrated Sciences Teacher

5 years of pedagogical experience

B.Sc honors in chemistry and physics, Ontario

Native French, Native English

gabrielle thibeault-orsi headshot

Fribourg House Leader

Gabrielle Thibeault-Orsi

Should a student be suffering from substance abuse, alcohol abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse or mental health issues or knows someone who is, our Early Intervention Team is there to remind them that any concerns raised will be shared anonymously with the relevant people so that the individual in question receives fair and effective support.

Our Early Intervention Team is not there to judge, but to support.


Our school counselor’s role is to promote student social and emotional well-being in a safe and respectful environment. Student mental health is a vital part of our philosophy at Haut-Lac International Bilingual School, as we believe that a student’s success is tied to his/her emotional well-being. We thus strive to ensure all our students develop not only academically, but also emotionally through the collaborative effort of students, parents, form tutors and our school counselor.