Ted X Haut-Lac School
We are a group of students in our final years of schooling at the Haut-Lac International Bilingual School. As a school project we decided to organise a TEDx event as a way to motivate our peers, and share valuable and innovative ideas with the leaders of tomorrow. We started our event because we believe that fascinating people should have a platform to launch their ideas from, and we are convinced that there is no better way to shape the future than by educating our youth.
Our Theme 
2084: Knowledge is strength.
Inspired by George Orwell’s novel 1984. Speakers will share what they envision for the future, or an issue that they are passionate about. This theme will allow speakers to discuss the major challenges of the future in their industries, thus motivating youth to act upon these issues. Some of the topics may be the future of investigative journalism in the face of social media, how to feed 10 billion people or even the evolution of our cities.
For more information please go to: https://tedxhautlacschool.weebly.com/