Swiss Bilingual Cycle

First cycle of Swiss secondary education (8ème-11ème harmos)

For whom ?

  • MYP1 to 4 students wishing to keep their options open to get either an IB Diploma or a bilingual Swiss Maturité.

What is it ?

  • Preparation to sit the cantonal entrance exams for the Swiss maturité/bilingual maturité programme in a Swiss public school.
  • Extended German, maths and French programmes with an Italian or Maths/Physics option.
  • A bilingual teaching approach with additional MYP subjects studied in either English or French to obtain a high level of English by MYP4.
  • An Approaches to Learning component to develop communication skills, social skills, research skills, self-management skills and thinking skills.

What are the advantages ?

  • High level of proficiency in English, excellent 21st century life skills, digital proficiency.
  • Solid exam preparation for cantonal exams and a bilingual (French/English) maturité.
  • Choice between the Swiss Maturité or IB Diploma programmes.