School Transport


Haut-Lac International Bilingual School is located above Vevey, in the village of St-Légier. However, our students come from all along the Lac Leman as Lausanne and Montreux are but a stone’s throw away.

Our school minibuses provide an extensive transportation network to neighbouring towns and villages. Seven bus routes operated by our licensed and safety-trained drivers run to and from the Praz-Dagoud campus each day, ensuring a pick-up and drop off service to areas up to 30km away.

Route 1 

  • Villeneuve
  • St-Légier

Route 2

  • La Conversion
  • St-Légier

Route 3

  • Bulle
  • St-Légier (via Châtel-St-Denis)

Route 4

  • Clarens
  • St-Légier

Route 5

  • Vevey-Place du Marché
  • St-Légier

Route 6

  • Gregnolet
  • St-Légier


  • Vevey Gare
  • St-Légier


Our competitive fares are generally paid on a termly basis, but tickets may be bought from reception for one-off journeys, subject to availability. Fares are calculated according to the zone in which a stop is located, and take into account occasional absences, ski days, school excursions etc., when the service will not be used.

More information on costs, discounts, routes and stops can be found in our regularly updated Transport Guide.

ZONE 1CHF 1'500

per year
daily return trips to all stops
within 6km of Haut-Lac

ZONE 2CHF 2'700

per year
daily return trips to all stops
within 10km of Haut-Lac

ZONE 3CHF 3'600

per year
daily return trips to all stops
within 10km – 30km of Haut-Lac


Our campuses are also easily accessible by train or bus. Both the train station and bus stop are only a few minutes’ walk from the Roches Grises campus and 10-15 minutes from the Praz-Dagoud campus.


A regular train service runs between Vevey train station and St-Légier. The nearest stop to Haut-Lac is “St-Légier Village”, but you may want to get off at “La Chiésaz” if you’d prefer a flatter walk.


The 215 VMCV public bus route runs regularly between Vevey post office and St-Légier post office, via Gilamont, La Veyre, and Fenil.