Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of school life at Haut-Lac International Bilingual School. Careful planning and thought goes into organising visits and activities that will enrich, educate, entertain and inspire students. Some trips are designed for specific age groups to improve their understanding of classroom material through practical experience. Others bring together students of different ages to encourage interaction. Shorter or longer trips are offered, with the ultimate goal of promoting curiosity, learning, and adaptability.

Field Trip Benefits

Developing key technical skills. Scientific and technical knowledge is absorbed and retained better when relevant and significant to the student. By offering students opportunities to practice applied hands-on skills, we inspire their interest in technical subjects, and proficiency in the use of tools and techniques.
Working collaboratively. When working together on a project off-campus, our students get the chance to lead, follow, contribute to team efforts and receive feedback. We encourage students to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, and objectives.
Modelling and strengthening communication skills. The ability to listen and communicate effectively are key skills taught at Haut-Lac. Field trips provide students with an opportunity to practice them in unfamiliar settings.
Promoting achievement. Academic and sports competitions greatly help students manage their emotions, deal with performance stress, try hard and celebrate achievement and success.
Building life-long relationships. By interacting with each other outside school and going through similar experiences together, our students form strong bonds with each other.
Encouraging intellectual curiosity. From observing the world to making inter-disciplinary connections, we use the time outside school to inspire questions and provide insight.
Understanding different cultures and communities. Intercultural learning takes place through personal experience and immersion. We are proud of how well integrated Haut-Lac is with its neighbouring communities, and of its friendly, off-campus networks.
Appreciating nature. We want all our students, especially expatriate students, to fully experience life in Switzerland – not just in the academic world of a private school. Our school is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, and we love sharing our passion and connection with nature.
Developing a life-long commitment to health and fitness. Natural physical movement such as walking, running, riding a bicycle and skiing enable our students to enjoy a healthy body.

Recent field trips

Mathematics competitions (various cities in Europe)

Participation in mathematics competitions develops our students’ interest in mathematics, and inspires them to deepen their understanding of math concepts and applications. The experience also prepares them for competition, offering an opportunity to practice their mental game and manage pressure.

Model United Nations Conferences (various cities in Europe)

Model United Nations conferences are a great way for our students to practice diplomacy and learn more about international relations. Participation involves research, public speaking, debating, and writing. Students develop their critical thinking, teamwork skills, and leadership abilities.

Skiing championships (France)

We strive to create young people who appreciate and value physical activity and fitness. By attending and participating in ski competitions, our students learn about the importance of disciplined practice, and are shown good sportsmanship and athleticism.

Football Med Cup (Italy)

A passion for sport and an Italian experience are combined in our Football Med Cup trip. In addition to playing football, our students explore historical sites, cathedrals, art and craft workshops and the glorious scenery that Italy is famous for.

Mountains – ski touring / snowshoe expeditions (Switzerland)

In addition to skiing on beautiful Alpine slopes, our students try their hand at glacier-trekking, wilderness hiking and zip-lining. Experienced guides make this an adventure of a lifetime.

WW1 battlefields (France and Belgium)

History comes alive during our battlefield tour of World War I sites. Students go on a guided tour of the battlegrounds that witnessed death and destruction at the turn of last century to learn more about the Great War. Our expert guides take students to battle sites and rural villages, and remind them that there are two sides to every story. Courage, strategy and the value of human life become a visceral experience.

Geography Fieldwork (Iceland)

This trip is crafted to inspire students’ interest in geography by learning and applying concepts in the field. The study of plate tectonics, glaciation, tourism and living and coping with extreme environments give our students a hands-on experience of real-world geography. In addition to learning about the collection of data and evidence, students get a deeper understanding of the ethical, moral and spiritual implications of land use.

Cultural language trips (London, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin)

We show our students the world with trips to Great Britain, Spain, France and Germany. An immersion into other languages, cultures, traditions and food expands their worldview and inspires them to be open to new experiences.

School exchange (Germany)

Our students get to experience a different culture, learn a different language, make new friends and form a closer bond with their classmates through the school exchange program. It is also a fantastic opportunity for personal development. While on exchange, students strategise and work through challenges, adjust to life in a foreign place, and get a better understanding of diplomacy.