The Haut-Lac International Bilingual School is proud of its robust and competitive sports programme. It was developed based on the idea that all student athletes should be given the opportunity to reach their potential through sport.

We believe that sport competitions give our students a way to live fit and healthy lifestyles, work together, learn leadership skills, and learn to make decisions under pressure.

Together with our coaches and teachers, we strive to provide our students with many occasions to play sport. We use training sessions and matches as opportunities to teach students valuable life lessons. Whilst few of our students will go on to play sports at a professional level, we believe that the Haut-Lac sport experience helps prepare them for the competitive world of higher education and professional life.

Here are a few things our students learn through sport, other than the usual agility, coordination, control and movement skills.

How to be a leader

Leadership in sports is developed through the role of team captain, which asks students to lead warm-ups, or make decisions in the heat of a game. We strive to give all students the chance to be a leader, and find that they learn a lot about responsibility, compassion, and strategic thinking as a result.

How to be a team player

In team sports, all players must work together to succeed. Students learn how to take and implement instructions, question a figure of authority respectfully, and remain calm when they disagree with a decision. They also learn to make critical decisions when necessary.

That is it OK to make mistakes

No-one learns to play a sport perfectly in just one lesson. Even naturally-talented children make mistakes and learn from them. Our coaches ask players to evaluate things that go wrong, so that they may adapt their play and do better next time. This is a valuable lesson that we hope our students use in other areas of their lives.

How to set and achieve goals

Setting and working towards achieving specific goals is an incredibly empowering experience for our students. Whether it’s running faster, jumping higher, improving their game strategy, or hitting the ball more accurately, our students discover they can do what it if they set their minds to it. They also learn to break big goals down into smaller, more actionable steps by keeping track of progress and working hard.

How to develop a habit of diligent practice

Our student athletes learn first-hand that exceptional performance does not come from talent or luck alone. They need to practice regularly and diligently to progress and grow in all areas of their life, from sports to academics. They learn that there are no shortcuts in life; if they really want to achieve something, they have to work hard at it.

How to manage emotions and mental state

Whilst playing sports can be fun, it can also be extremely challenging. Difficult games, bad training sessions, or showing up for practice when they do not feel like it all help to develop our students’ willpower and discipline. Sports can be frustrating for student athletes, who will all experience at least one bad game. The ability to continue despite emotional difficulty is an incredible asset and a gift that will serve our students well beyond their school education.

How to deal with pressure and stress

Early participation in sports teaches students how to deal with stress, pressure, and nerves in a low-stakes friendly environment. They are able to learn from times when they let the pressure get to them how to do better next time. Surprisingly, we find that this skill comes in handy later when students have to take their first exams.

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