PTA – Newcomer Info

Our Parent-Teacher Association welcomes all new families to Haut-Lac

We know moving to a new school/country/job can be challenging and we have several programs in place to assist you in your transition. Upon enrolling at Haut-Lac, you will receive a welcome package with information about the school and life in the area. You will also be invited to a special “welcome apero” at the beginning of the school year. This is an excellent opportunity to meet others who are new to our school, as well as many of our teachers and administration.

If you are joining our school during the school year, we will arrange a breakfast meeting with families in the same situation. In addition, our PTA also hosts regular social events for the school as a whole, where new and old families have a chance to meet each other in an informal, fun environment.

The Haut-Lac Parent/Teacher Association has recently established a Buddy Program designed to help new families transition into the community and school. An incoming family will be paired with an established Haut-Lac family who can respond to their questions, share and help resolve their concerns, and provide another source of information while they settle in.

We too were new to the area at one point, and appreciated being guided by others.  We would therefore like to be there for you and make your transition easier for you and your family. We will try to match up families based on culture, language, and/or the age of their children.

PTA Newcomer Booklet