Graduates Testimonials

Class of 2016

“After an action-packed, post IB summer of travel and relaxation, I finally took on my first year of university in October 2016 studying International Business at the University of Warwick. I am fortunate to have 4 of my Haut-Lac classmates by my side for regular catch-ups and moral support.” Tammy Maas, International Business

“Since leaving Haut-Lac, I have joined Nestlé’s Fast Start Programme, which is a three-year scheme that combines work and university. Although it has been challenging adjusting to the working environment and having to juggle university assignments at the same time, it has been so rewarding and I feeel this programme was really the right choice for me. I have also had the advantage over others of having done the IB, which has definitely helped me to manage multiple things at once! Life has been very different since leaving Switzerland and find myself reminiscing about life at Haut-Lac every now and again.” Anushree Mathur, Commercial Apprentice at Nestlé 

Class of 2015

“Haut-Lac and its IB program really helped prepare me for the type of learning that occurs in university, and a lot of the material that was taught in the first year I had already learned at Haut-Lac. I am very grateful for the education and opportunities that Haut-Lac has given me.” Christopher Bjerkan Wade

“Doing the DP, taking notes, coping with heavy workloads and sitting stressful exams at Haut-Lac was an invaluable experience. I strongly believe that this school built my confidence and independence: two key skills needed at university.” Laurène Malkowski

“The DP programme prepares you for the workload which university brings with it, and some of the study methods, which I developped at school definitely helped me this year.” Nina Schnyder

Class of 2014

“Haut-Lac definitely helped prepare me for the next step, if it wasn’t for the film course I completed, I would feel very behind in my chosen course. Also just generally, school helps you be able to communicate with a large number of people at once, which is very important in the field I will be getting into.” Samuel Holloway

“Haut-Lac helped greatly for my first year at university. It was much more difficult than the schooling that I am currently taking, which is great! It prepared me for the world. Thank you all, SO MUCH! ” Andrew Wollen

“Haut-Lac helped me so much by giving me a more worldly education.” Matthew Birch

“The four years of film at Haut-Lac has given me a great depth of knowledge into how film sets operate. The DP film course allowed me to ease through the first few months of studies and should hopefully continue to do so.” Daniel Fairweather

“Haut-Lac was a wonderful atmosphere to be in. I enjoyed my time at school which led to loving to learn. I am so thankful, I know this would not be the case at my previous school or many others.” Slava Konovets

Class of 2013

“A Haut-Lac on était bien encadrés avec des professeurs excellents!” Jade Ségur

“I will always have fond memories of Haut-Lac and be thankful to all the teachers who helped me realise my dream.” Kristin Campbell

“I miss the Alps…I think back at all the wonderful times I experienced in Haut-Lac and I am grateful for those moments!” Leor Binyamin

Class of 2011

“Haut-Lac has helped me in a way as it has taught me English and an internationality. This will help me to get a foot in the international business of photography and design after my studies.” Sara Bittner

“The IB has been crucial to me the way a key is to a door. There are millions of possibilities, many opportunities given to try, plenty of help and care given and lots of thoughts. And with the right combination, the willingness, diversity and independence given- you can always find that one key that opens all the doors.” Jessica Grange

Class of 2010

“The IB programme has given me the advantage of not only becoming a well rounded student but most importantly an internationally-minded citizen.” Sophie Savelkouls

“I really value the importance of being comfortable with two languages.” Catherine Michel

I was able to skip a bunch of generic ‘core’ classes, but overall, I can say that Tyndale is hands down the best school of any type that I have ever been to, and I am glad I was able to get in.” Ben

Change is the most constant thing in our lives. You can’t predict the change in the future but you can establish a strong ground base in order to be prepared for whatever change comes your way.” Isabelle Buchbinder

“The IB, although a lot of work, has certainly been an invaluable experience and really tests your academic abilities. My course is a lot more practical, and although we do write essays and log books, it is very different to the IB.
“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney” Laura Dubler

“Because of the internationalism and the school’s openness to different cultures I got more confident with my dream of travelling the world and helping the people there.” Franziska Kalko