Success Stories


  • Locally-rooted international school with 25 years’ experience
  • Highly qualified and experienced academic staff
  • High teacher-student ratio (6:1)
  • Holistic student-centred curricula
  • Parent and Student Voice channels
  • Proven academic success
  • 50/50 English and French tuition for full bilingual immersion or English programme with extended French
  • Average of 33.29 points in the IB Diploma over the last 4 years (world average: 29.9)
  • Offers received from top universities in Switzerland, Europe, USA and Canada
  • Dedicated out-of-hours care from 7:00 to 18:00


Our Les Marroniers Nursery is the perfect place for parents who wish to give their children a head start in learning English and French. An experienced team of friendly and competent professionals adopts a bilingual “one person/one language” approach to ensure the children get regular exposure to both languages in a clean and clear way that is free from mixed-language sentences.


Children aged 3 to 5 follow a personalised bilingual or predominantly English school curriculum based on the areas of knowledge. They learn to recognise shapes, share, count and read through indoor and outdoor activities linked to engaging themes like “No Place Like Home” and “Cavemen”, which help them make connections between school and the real world. Our youngest students are encouraged to be curious and investigate by applying their new skills in a stimulating and playful environment.


Students aged 6 to 10 follow a personalised bilingual or English curriculum based on themes of knowledge. Our staff teach traditional subject areas in innovative ways through themes like “Global Warming” or “Inter-Nation Media Centre”, as this method jump-starts their students’ ability to apply their knowledge to the real world. At its core, this programme enables students to build up permanent, transferable, lifelong learning skills rather than accumulate a collection of facts, letters and numbers.


Students aged 11 to 15 may choose to follow either the IB Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) and/or the Swiss Bilingual Cycle (8e – 11e HARMOS).

The IB MYP programme is student-centred and caters for all abilities, learning styles, cultural backgrounds and academic histories. It focuses on both personal and academic development and provides students with an internationally recognised qualification, as well as a solid foundation with which to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

The Swiss Bilingual cycle is designed for students who wish to keep their options open and decide later whether to opt for an IB Diploma or a bilingual Swiss Cantonal Maturité. They will study most subjects alongside MYP students, but will follow extended maths, French and German programmes as well as choose between an Italian or maths/physics option.



Students aged 16-18 may choose to study towards an IB Diploma (IBDP) and/or a US High School Diploma (USHD).

The IB Diploma Programme is a well-established, multilingual course that serves learners extremely well for the future. Students are guided through an intense and rigorous study programme, which encourages them to step outside their comfort zone and achieve, as well as grow in ways that will serve them well during their university studies.

The US High School Diploma (USHD) programme is run in parallel to the IBDP programme, but culminates in a different final assessment. It is aimed at US and Canada-bound students.