The Great Kindness Challenge

The Infant and Primary School students actively participated in the Great Kindness Challenge 2018 last week. Many acts of kindness, such as smiling at people, writing thank you notes, helping younger children and making a friendship gift for someone, were completed. Students cut out hearts on which they wrote kind messages for our beautiful kindness tree and we listened to stories about kindness in assemblies. Last year, over 10 million children from 91 different countries participated in over 500 million acts of kindness. Our students also participated in the Great Kindness Challenge last year and enthusiastically embraced the activities on offer this year.

The Great Kindness Challenge encourages students, teachers and the whole school community to create a culture of compassion, acceptance, unity and respect. Why does kindness matter? Kindness increases self-esteem, kindness boosts health, kindness improves relationships and kindness creates happiness!

Congratulations to all of our students for taking part in the Kindness Challenge 2018. Continue to be kind throughout the year! If you would like to participate in this challenge as a family, you can sign up to the family edition on their website: