Digital Innovation

At Haut-Lac International Bilingual School, we teach traditional subjects in modern and innovative ways to prepare our students for their futures in our increasingly digital world.


Computer Science, New Technologies for Learning and Teaching, and Digital Citizenship are the three pillars on which we base our IT programme to ensure our students develop a complete understanding of this rapidly-evolving domain.


Infant, Primary and Secondary students all have one period of computer science a week with a specialised teacher during which they learn about:
  • Algorithms and programming
  • Data
  • Networks & communication
  • Equipment
Students who want to develop their knowledge of IT further may do so by joining our programming or robotics clubs, or taking Computer Science as an IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) option.


Since the launch of our pilot project “1 iPad-1 student”with the help of the Haute Ecole Pédagogique in Lausanne in September 2014, our teachers and students have discovered many new and interesting ways to learn.

From using educational apps on the iPad, the interactive whiteboard for group activities, or the eLearning platform to compiling each child’s work into an ePortfolio to send home or sitting eAssessment examinations, IT is now an integral part of most lessons at Haut-Lac.

Over the last few years, we have found that these tools not only help teachers differentiate the learning experience based on individual students’ needs, but also provide ways to teach students the communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills needed to succeed later in life.


As the implementation of technology becomes more and more widespread, it is important to use such tools wisely. We therefore teach our students to not only use computers and iPads effectively, but also how to stay safe when doing so through a curriculum that covers the following topics:
  • Confidentiality
  • Communication and relationships
  • Cyber-bullying and digital drama
  • Digital footprints and reputation
  • Personal image and identity
  • Information
  • Copyright
Experts are also regularly invited to come and further explain some of the above topics to our students.


Every year, several classes are given a taste of what it is like to run their own business, whether it be running a smoothie stand or bake sale in Primary or making, marketing and selling natural cosmetics in Secondary.

Such projects provide students with a fun and engaging way to use and develop the skills they learn in different subject areas in real-life situations.

They learn to perform relevant market research, both online and in person, to prepare business plans and marketing material in French and English using different IT software, and to measure ingredients, price items and calculate profit using the relevant mathematical processes.