Focus Areas


At Haut-Lac International Bilingual School, we teach our students more than just academic subjects. We teach them to combine and link their knowledge of different subjects to complete specific tasks or projects that will serve them well in the future. Our interdisciplinary programme helps bring classroom instruction to life, motivating and engaging our students in their learning.


We know that the language-learning journey is different for each individual, so we adapt our approach to the developmental stages of the children and adolescents in our care. Our teachers focus on identifying and using approaches that value the language and cultural background of all our Swiss and international learners to ensure they get equal access to the curriculum and progress accordingly. As a school, we guide our students along individual learning pathways to become successful and confident global citizens.


All our students get the opportunity to learn and/or improve both their English and French, regardless of their chosen section.

Our bilingual section provides students with full bilingual immersion via academic instruction, study and play in English and French.

Our English section enables students to study all subjects in English, as well as follow an intensive French as a foreign language course.


At Haut-Lac, we believe that a holistic approach to education is the only way forward. We work together with our students to help them develop more than just their knowledge of facts and numbers. We encourage them to be creative and to develop their problem-solving, decision-making and critical-thinking skills, to become leaders and team players, and to communicate ideas in more than one language through our carefully chosen Infant, Primary and Secondary curricula.