University Guidance

Haut-Lac International Bilingual School offers the IB Middle Years Programme and the IB Diploma Programme. The International Baccalaureate educational track is a highly recognised and valued designation for students who wish to attend university for the next stage of their learning.

Beyond the obvious technical subject preparation, International Baccalaureate graduates take with them the following skills and qualities that are desirable and sought out by universities around the world.

  • Critical and independent thinking skills
  • Exceptional time management skills
  • A deep understanding and appreciation of research
  • Strong communication and public presentation skills
  • Excellent academic writing skills
  • An appreciation of cultural differences and open-mindedness

We believe that the IB track is a great way to advance your child’s academic career and prepare him or her to thrive and succeed at university. We do not only provide guidance to our students in their graduation year. In fact, our university counselling begins in the Middle Years Programme and continues after graduation.

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

The IB MYP is designed as a programme accessible to all students, regardless of national origin and past academic history. Students can study subjects from eight subject groups. Five years of study culminate in the MYP Certificate and Record of Achievement.

Students are offered the possibility of exploring certain subjects in either English or French. Language and mathematics classes are selected to best correspond to their abilities and needs. There are a variety of options to choose from every year.

We want to maximise your child’s time at Haut-Lac, and set him or her up to get the most out of our exceptional programme. Before students enter MYP1 (the first year of the Middle Years Programme), one-on-one academic guidance is offered to every student. Primary teachers work closely with the MYP Coordinator, and parents are invited to fully participate in the guidance process. Together, we map out the content and the curriculum that suits your child’s needs, challenges him or her to do better, and sets him or her up for the next educational steps. For new students, the academic guidance session takes place during the admissions interview.

Every student is encouraged to undertake a challenging yet accessible study programme which takes into account his or her current and future needs. Our admissions counselling and guidance is not a one-time event. Our teachers and coordinators continuously monitor student progress and university requirements. During the course of MYP1, MYP2, and MYP3, students may be advised to adapt their study programmes according to their progress, interests, or changing requirements.

At the end of MYP3, students are presented with an even wider range of options so that they may specialise to a certain degree before entering the Diploma Programme. These options are presented to students and parents by the MYP Leader and Subject Area Leaders. Students and parents receive advice from teachers to inform their option choices. They are encouraged to consider future plans of study as much as possible. The options selected at this time will be studied for the duration of MYP4 and MYP5.

In MYP5, students complete a careers orientation questionnaire to help them determine a future pathway. This questionnaire informs an in-depth individual interview process. An individual conversation between each student, their parents and their teachers provides an opportunity to consider aptitudes, challenges, and future Diploma subject choices.

During the last year of the Middle Years programme, students and parents are introduced to the Diploma Programme during a presentation by the DP Leader. Students are encouraged to examine their strengths, weaknesses, and interests to determine their choices for the Diploma Programme.

Teachers and Subject Leaders also offer advice concerning subject choices and levels. Student choices are collected and reviewed by subject teachers to ensure that they correspond to the student. The DP leader confirms the choices with parents and students and reviews their suitability during the first weeks of the Diploma Programme.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

During DP1 and DP2, students receive information and guidance about future educational pathways. They are encouraged to select an area and course of interest, investigate possibilities, and meet with the DP Leader often to discuss their plans.

Throughout DP1, students are guided to select their courses and educational establishments. They are encouraged to select courses of personal interest which are accessible and rewarding. In DP2, they create their university applications with staff assistance.

Haut-Lac Supports and Challenges Students to do their Best

The choice of a future academic path is a serious one, and we at Haut-Lac do not take it lightly. We believe that the only way to advise and guide our students towards fulfilling and satisfying adult life is through individual conversations. The guidance counsellors, teachers, administrators, and Diploma Programme leaders work closely with every student to ensure that together we select the best-fit path for your child. We encourage parents to be an intrinsic part of the process by including them in assessment and guidance conversations, and encouraging on-going communication. Our results speak for themselves, but we cannot do this without everyone’s active interest and participation.

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