P2 Programme

Entry age:   7 years old by 31 August

Class Timetable:   8:30 to 15:30

Breaks:   30 minutes in the morning, 1 hour at lunch time, 20 minutes in the afternoon

We structure the curriculum to inspire, motivate and challenge students by linking learning to the world around them. The curriculum is structured around major areas of knowledge.

All subjects are taught through holistic themes that allow students to explore various aspects of a topic just as they would in normal life. Please see below for examples of themes that might be used in P2 classes.

Subjects taught discretely are physical education, maths, and the more technical aspects of the English and French language programmes.

When the school day is over, children may stay at school to participate in a host of extra-curricular activities with their friends, or to do their homework. After club pick-up time is 17:00.

Children availing of the twilight service should be picked up by 18:00 at the latest.

Examples of themes used in P2

The “Green Fingers” theme looks at the function of plant parts and what plants need to grow. “Go with the Flow” song and “Pollination Duty” provide a great resource for teaching students about the bee’s role in plant’s life cycle. Practical work may be set up at the beginning of the term and re-visited later, when growth has had a chance to take place.

“It’s All Greek to Me!” focuses on the history of Ancient Greece. The end of the theme culminates in the legacy of democracy, which is followed through into the next theme.