Primary School

Haut-Lac International Bilingual School is a co-educational day school. We welcome boys and girls from the age of 3 to 11 years into our Infant and Primary sections.

The school building for this age group is situated opposite the Praz-Dagoud playing fields in the commune of St-Légier. There are beautiful views of the lake or mountains from every floor. This truly is an enchanting environment for your children to learn and grow up in.

At Haut-Lac, all children live and learn in two languages.

  • The bilingual section is taught half in French and half in English. The bilingual curriculum is ideal if your child will be with us for an extended period of time, and you wish him or her to reach a high level of proficiency in both languages.
  • The predominantly English section offers instruction in English only, supplemented with one daily French lesson from the age of 3. This is a great choice for expatriate children who will be a part of the Haut-Lac community for only a brief period, and are expected to return to studies in their native language at the end of their stay.

Haut-Lac puts the child at the centre of all activities. Our school brings together children from various cultural and language backgrounds that have vastly differing skills and curriculum experiences, so we aim to guide the development of each and every child individually. We want your child to reach his or her full potential through an exciting, motivating, hands-on and holistic study programme.

No matter which language programme you choose for your child, he or she will get a true international school experience. It is impossible to miss the variety of cultures within our student body when you walk through the hallways or look inside the classrooms. As educators and support staff, we model and teach good teamwork, strong communication skills, and patience and appreciation for human differences.

Despite the school’s constant growth and its wide range of student nationalities and personalities, we remain, first and foremost, a family school. When your children are here, we honour their individuality, support their development, challenge them, and guide them – just as you would.

Holistic Education

At Haut-Lac, we believe that math and science are critical components of a young person’s early education. Language development is also very important, and our experience testifies to the many benefits of a bilingual education. As you browse through class curriculums, you will see that we have structured the classwork to combine theory and hands-on practice, and to develop life-long learning skills that will serve your child well.

However, the impact that arts, sports, and cultural awareness can have on your child’s development cannot be overstated. Beyond preparing your child for the rigor of secondary and university education, we want to instil a sense of duty, good work habits, compassion, and an appreciation of the multifaceted world we live in. Every day, in word and in action, we inspire and reward resourcefulness, resilience, and desire to help others.

We also believe in raising young adults with a sense of awe and respect for nature. Our school building is environmentally friendly, so your sons and daughters experience sustainability in everything they touch and see. From the solar panels that power the building to the garden where children may grow their own food, we hope to inspire curiosity, thoughtfulness and an appreciation of our natural environment.

Working Together for a Better Future

We believe in our teachers and in your children. As a result, we set high expectations. We know that we cannot maximise your child’s potential without your involvement as a parent, so parents are an integral part of the school community.  We work hard, we play hard, and our community spirit and team work are second to none.

As you look at the curriculum and pictures and imagine your child attending Haut-Lac, remember that they will leave the school with more than just a diploma from a Swiss private school. A life-long desire to learn, an ability to learn a lesson from even the most difficult of situations, and an appreciation of this complex and beautiful world are just some of the gifts that we hope our students take with them.