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LOGO-MARONNIERS-LA-CRECHEOpened in November 2014 in Vevey, the Les Marronniers crèche is part of Haut-Lac International Bilingual School. We are excited to offer a bilingual day-care centre for children from 18 months to 3 years. Les Marronniers is the perfect environment for parents who wish to give their children a head start in learning both English and French at the same time.  

Benefits of Early Bilingualism

Contrary to the popular belief that early bilingual exposure confuses the child and delays language skill development, numerous studies and our own experience point to the opposite effect.

Neurobiological studies have shown that early bilingual exposure helps young brains develop more neurons in the language areas. As a result, their brains develop additional language and cognitive abilities that simply cannot be replicated at a later age. A child can learn a second or even a third language later in life, but the fundamental brain architecture is not as flexible when he or she is older. We know that the children in our care blossom, grow, and progress as they absorb the two languages in an organic way.

An additional key benefit of early bilingual exposure is what is known as “metalinguistic awareness”. In simple terms, this means that children learn to see words as separate from the objects, persons, and actions they refer to sooner. He or she gets early practice with a more advanced use of language, including metaphors, similes, and irony. As the child gets older, he or she is more aware and able to recognise cultural and emotional context – essential traits for diplomatic and interpersonal intelligence. All of that and more is the gift of early bilingualism.

One Person/One Language Approach

Our experienced team of practiced, friendly, and competent professionals, who actively listen to and take care of the children, adopt the bilingual “one person/one language” approach. This means that each caretaker selects one language (English or French) and always communicates with the children in that language. By interacting with various caretakers throughout the day, the children get regular exposure to both languages in a clean, clear way that is free from mixed-language sentences.

Regardless of the length of time your son or daughter will spend in our care, early language exposure may form an irreplaceable and highly valuable basis for deeper study later in life.

Activities and Development

Our nursery space is bright, clean, and safe for your child. Big windows let in plenty of natural light. Colourful toys, puzzles and games offer opportunities to experience colours, textures, sounds, and shapes. We set up every room in a way that encourages exploration and play. Your child will spend the day surrounded by toys, books, and caring adults.

A theme-based programme with storytelling, handicrafts, and outings reinforces your child’s acquisition of vocabulary and language learning. All activities are age and attention-span appropriate – we do not force learning but instead invite your children to try new things and practice their skills in a supportive environment. Your son or daughter will learn through play, interaction, song, painting, and walking in nature.

Wholesome Meals

We want to use this special time with your child to reinforce the healthy food habits you are building up with him or her at home. Children eat lunch and snacks together in the dining room. They get a chance to try new foods that they may not have tried before, and learn good table manners.

Our kitchen and dining room area is the central hub of the nursery – same as it is in your own home. On special occasions, such as birthdays or holiday celebrations, children and teachers bake cakes or muffins together.

Individual Attention

The strength of our bilingual nursery education lies in the encouragement of personal growth and a deep respect for your child’s developing personality. Children are guided to grow at their own pace, undertaking activities appropriate to their individual rhythm and readiness for new experiences.

Heures d’Ouverture / Opening Hours : 08:00 – 18:30 non-stop
Contact: Les Marronniers – La Crèche Haut-Lac
Rue du Nord 3-5, CH-1800 Vevey

Sylvie Borgeaud,
Directrice Pédagogique / Educational Director

T. + 41 21 555 50 80

Brochure: HERE