Welcome from the Directors

Grainne Dubler

Managing Director
Primary School

Jean-Louis Dubler

Managing Director
Primary School

Anne-Marie Harwood

Managing Director
Secondary School

Neil Harwood

Managing Director
Secondary School

Welcome to Haut-Lac International Bilingual School!

Over 20 years ago, we were just two families with a dream. We wanted to create a learning space where children from all over the world could live and thrive in two languages. Today, our dream is a reality. 600 students from over 40 countries play, learn, and grow together at Haut-Lac, a Swiss bilingual school. We are humbled by the trust put in us by their parents and honoured to be a part of their journey. We hope that you will enjoy discovering for yourself what makes our school so special.

Educational requirements can be intimidating – twice so in a foreign language. However, the ability to adapt, mental flexibility, and strong work habits are critical for success in today’s complex and competitive world. We understand the difficult decision you have to make as a parent – choosing the perfect private language school for your child is hard. Here are a few thoughts to help you get to know us.

  • At Haut-Lac, we believe that a holistic approach to education is the only way forward. We believe that achieving academically is important beyond any doubt, and are proud of our unique primary curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma programmes. However, a well-rounded education that includes sports, arts, and a sensitivity to different cultures is of equal importance.
  • We adapt our approach to the developmental stages of the children and adolescents in our care. Not every method is appropriate for every child, so our teachers are sensitive to individual needs and focused on identifying and using approaches that will work for each student.
  • We encourage creativity, problem-solving, and good decision making. We want your child to learn critical-thinking skills, reinforce hard work habits, inspire him/her to communicate ideas in more than one language, and help him/her to become a leader and team player.
  • We believe that a true bilingual education is not limited to offering academic instruction in two languages. Unlike other schools, we offer true bilingual immersion in study, play, and daily activities. No matter what your child’s language level is today, he/she will leave our school better equipped to live in English and French.

One of the pivotal values that we instil in our students is that the most important knowledge about the world does not come from the classroom. In order to thrive and grow, they must learn to be proactive about their learning. Beyond teaching them facts and formulae, we give them tools for a life-long journey of discovery and contribution.

Whether your child is 3 or 18, we try our best to tailor our programmes to his/her skill and readiness level. We challenge and push him/her, inspire and support him/her as he/she tries things he/she has never done before, and celebrate his/her victories. It is an honour and a great responsibility to be your child’s stepping-stone to the future. We do everything in our power to convey our vision to every student, and to craft a good experience while he/she is in our care.

Haut-Lac International Bilingual School is about living, learning and achieving in a friendly and supportive international community.

You will find that at Haut-Lac, we work as a team.  We challenge parents, teachers, and students to do their best every day. We give them confidence, encourage them to push past difficulties, and share in the fun. Above all, each and every one of us cares deeply about the success of your children. When they are here, they are our family, too. Caring is one of the things we are very good at, and one that can make an important difference to everyone’s lives.

We have come a long way. Our dream, hard work, and dedicated staff have propelled us from just 13 students in 1993 to today’s thriving campus that includes world-class nursery and primary education classrooms, technology rooms, a spacious gym, and dining facilities. Our state-of-art secondary education services now also include a boarding option at Chantemerle, a private international boarding school in Blonay, for students aged 16-18 who wish study the IB Diploma programme at Haut-Lac. What brings us most joy is watching the children in our care grow into confident, creative, and responsible adults. We are proud of what we have created, and thank everyone in the Haut-Lac community for enriching our lives and for making our school what it is today.

We would love to share our passion with you, and thus encourage you to arrange a visit to our campus via our admissions team. Experience Haut-Lac for yourself, and you will know this is the right place for your child.

The Directors