Haut-Lac International Bilingual School has become one of the leading international schools in the region, thanks to the hundreds of students who have passed through our classrooms over the years. The hard work of our staff and teachers, combined with a challenging and stimulating curriculum, and the beautiful views of Lake Geneva as a backdrop to daily school life all contribute to our popularity.

Our success would also not be possible without the partnerships with parents and regional companies that financially support school development projects. The Secondary School campus in St-Légier was built almost entirely funded with bank loans. The Primary School campus was made possible through the generosity of our partners.

Here is what we have created together.

  • Our expanded campus can accommodate 150 new students which means those children will be able to learn and thrive as part of the Haut-Lac family. Many of them will be expatriate students, who will thus benefit from a gentle immersion into the Swiss culture, French language, and a family atmosphere that is critical to help them thrive.
  • Your children get to experience world-class technology as part of their learning environment. From 3-D printing to robots, students benefit from early exposure to programming and other STEM concepts through hands-on practice.
  • The new gym facilities inspire your children to incorporate healthy movement into their daily lives. The habits of sportsmanship, diligent practice, and continuous improvement that they build up on our courts and soccer fields will last beyond their graduation.
  • The new campus focuses on environmental sustainability. We have found that growing vegetables in the Discovery Garden improves eating habits of even the pickiest eaters, and promotes respect and thoughtfulness in regards to food.
  • One of the eco-friendly features we are quite proud of is the flat solar-panelled roof. The solar energy captured by the school is fed into the power grid, making it simultaneously a provider and a consumer of energy. The output of the solar panels is tracked on a screen at the entrance to the building, along with an interpretation of the yield and the ecological savings achieved (e.g. carbon dioxide emissions). Students will be able to study this in conjunction with physical science and the development of renewable energy.
  • The new Primary school building is exceptionally energy-efficient. Every classroom has an abundance of natural light, and skylights throughout the hallways mean less electricity consumption. Motion sensors control all lights in the building to ensure energy is not being wasted in empty rooms.
  • A Biotope is being created to aid in the conservation of aquatic species. It will be topped up with collected rainwater to make it sustainable. Our goal is to give the science teacher real-life examples to point to when covering the concepts of balanced ecosystems, plant and animal diversity, and self-sufficiency.

We are proud of what we have accomplished together, and look to the future with excitement and confidence. Our wonderful partners are a big reason why. Please visit Our Partners page to explore all the great companies that have made Haut-Lac a place of supported learning and growth for your children.

To all of our parents and partners, with heartfelt gratitude –

The Haut-Lac Managing Directors