Haut-Lac is currently offering full time positions in the following areas:

At Crèche level

  • No vacancy

At Infant and Primary level

  • No vacancy

At IBMYP and IBDP level

At Haut-Lac, a teacher is expected

  • To have a recognized teaching qualification with a minimum of two years’ experience
  • To have strong subject knowledge
  • To teach in English and/or French with a good working knowledge of the other language
  • To have strong inter-personal skills and feel comfortable in dealing with all members of the school community
  • To seek self-improvement and live up to high expectations
  • To have a strong commitment to extra-curricular activities
  • To empathize with the Haut-Lac Mission and Values
  • To have knowledge and understanding of the IB programmes (MYP, DP)

In the classroom, a Haut-Lac teacher is expected

  • To manage a class effectively
  • To create a motivating and challenging learning environment
  • To celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity of the students
  • To use a variety of strategies which address different learning styles and language abilities and challenge each student to reach his/her potential
  • To incorporate new technologies in lesson planning
  • To use assessment to inform teaching
  • To welcome curiosity , instill confidence and make students feel included

For more information on the school follow the links to School Profile, Mission Statement, Bilingualism and www.haut-lac.ch

Applications to be submitted electronically to jobs@haut-lac.ch.