Campus & Facilities

The Haut-Lac International Bilingual School has come a long way! From occupying a single building in 1993. We have grown into a beautiful campus that is home to over 650 students, 100 teachers, and 50 staff.

Our newest addition in St-Légier was completed in 2014, and built to meet eco-friendly standards. We believe that the natural environment surrounding our school building is a critical component of the Haut-Lac experience for students. What better way to demonstrate and model environmental stewardship than by example?

We could not be more proud of the Praz-Dagoud campus. “More than just a building of four floors, it inspires children to be curious and to learn,” says Jean-Louis Dubler, one of the Founders. Grainne Dubler adds, “The new facilities are also designed to encourage students to think about sustainable development – from the solar panels on the roof to the biotope designed to help in the conservation of frogs, and the ‘Discovery Garden’ funded by the parents’ association for the growing of fruits and vegetables, thus promoting healthy eating.”

Secondary School Campus 

The bucolic secondary campus, also in St-Légier, overlooks Lake Geneva and the French Alps beyond. In developing this building, the excitement of modern technology and architecture was combined with the comfort of a traditional Swiss school building to create more space for science labs, a music room, more classrooms, a multi-purpose hall, and a lecture/meeting area.

There are two smaller recently renovated buildings bordering the main school. One of them is intended for individual study and language lessons. The other houses a technology lab, a large library, and a study room for our older students.

The student resources on this site are excellent. All classrooms are equipped with interactive 85” interactive televisions and Apple TV boxes. Modern facilities include specialist IT rooms and Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology linked to a laser cutter and plastic former in the tech lab. Students get exposure and first-hand practice with the technology tools of the 21st century.

Primary School Campus

The Primary school campus and extensive whole-school sport facilities were completed in 2014. It is situated close to the secondary school in St-Légier, and comprises classrooms, specialist art and music rooms, a library, a uniform shop, a teaching kitchen and numerous offices. The main building has 4 floors in total.

The spacious and airy cafeteria can be transformed into a theatre or a conference room with 300 seats for school events.

The sports hall complies with international standards for competitions in sports like basketball and volleyball. It can also be divided into 3 independent sections for individual classes or training purposes. Two full-sized football pitches, (synthetic and grass), complete our first-class school sport facilities.

Our investment in sport and performing arts facilities is the best indicator of the importance we give to holistic education. Movement, self-expression, diligent practice and competition are all critical aspects of a child’s education.


Our family of facilities has been expanded with the addition of a nursery. Opened in November 2014 in Vevey, the crèche Les Marronniers is part of Haut-Lac International Bilingual School. The nursery provides bilingual day-care from 18 months. We are excited to invite your children to “explore, discover and grow” as they take their first steps into the adventure that is education.

The nursery facility is perfectly aligned with our philosophy of encouraging development at the child’s own pace, and introducing activities that are appropriate for each developmental stage. The rooms are bright, airy, and fun – a perfect space to discover, touch, paint, and play.

A theme-based programme linked to activities such as storytelling, handicrafts and outings reinforces their acquisition of vocabulary and language learning. Individual attention from teachers is balanced with independent and group play as your children learn new social skills and make friends.